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Integration phases brands in Europe

A nouveau blog nouveaux contenus : une rubrique intégration (accessible en direct depuis l’onglet rubrique en haut à droite) agrégera désormais les articles relatifs à l’intégration.

On commence cette semaine avec une note de WARC sur les difficultés rencontrées par l’implémentation d’une démarche intégrée en Europe.

LONDON: Many companies in Europe are struggling to implement an integrated approach to marketing and customer communications across different media channels, a study has found.

Pitney Bowes Software surveyed 250 marketers in France, Germany and the UK, and found 90% of respondents agreed it was becoming essential to integrate communications across different mediums.

The organisation also stated that the overwhelming majority of companies which were not placing an emphasis on this matter – some 23 out of the 25 laggards – were based in the UK.

Lire la suite ici.

21mar 2012